In 2013 organizing committee for the first time announced about children TV competition. Independent authors as well as children studios can participate. There are many talented young people who can express and highlight the importance of nature preservation with cinema language.

This year we have three winners in three age categories: the team of authors, represented Children Animation Studio «Unexpected joy» from Yaroslavl (Russia), is the best in the 6-10 age category with their fairy-tale «Late question». Association of animated cartoon «Myniku» (Salekhard, Russia) is the winner in 10-14 age categorywith the cartoon «The mosquito saves a whitefish». And as for adult young talents,Creative Association «TV X»(Omsk, Russia) made the cartoon «Ecological cartoon – FAQ») and became the best in the 3d category from 14 to 18.

Looking forward for the new projects made by young talents!



We are looking forward to meet you on International Ecological TV Festival “To Save and Preserve”!
International Ecological TV Festival “To Save and Preserve”

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