«Festival of the Festivals»

We have a very good and kind tradition – international forum “Festival of the festivals”.The main idea is to increase the number of ecological journalist. It  often happens that people who do the same things – save and preserve environment - don’t know about each other. There are many Environment Film Festival in different parts of the Planet, and they can meet here, in one place, in our festival “To Save and Preserve”.  Here, participants meet and invite each other to their festivals and thus, the community eco-friendly people is increasing all the time.

«ARCTICDAYS» (Moscow, Russia)

Since 2010 International Festival of Nonfiction Films have been uniting venerable documentalists with their young colleagues. All of them talk about North, highlight the importance and beauty of natural and cultural Arctic’s objects. In 2012 festival had 93 works from Russian and foreign authors. Arthur Chilingarov (Russian polar explorer, scientist-oceanographer, politician, and statesman) was the Head organizing committee. 
«ARCTIC DAYS» (Moscow, Russia)
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«BEFF» (Petrozavodsk, Russia)

BEFF unites the film directors, who make films about the environment, raise the ecological issues and offer positive problem solutions. It also demonstrates the ecology tourism development potential of the Northern regions and unites those who are interested to learn something new, to share their opinions and to find creative problem solutions. Ecological consciousness is the main goal of the Festival. Everyone can do something to protect our environment!


«BARENTS ECOLOGY FILM FESTIVAL» &#40;Russia, Republic of Karelia&#41;

«GREEN VISION»(St. Petersburg, Russia)

Every autumn Committee for Nature Use, Environment Protection and Ecological Safety of St. Petersburg organises an International Environmental Film Festival “Green Vision”. St. Petersburg was the first Russian city to organise an enviromentalfestival.

The history of “Green Vision” dates back to 1996 when it was organised for the first time. During several days of the Festival spectators have the opportunity to see the best production different in genres and forms on the most essential environmental issues. Searching for the balance in the fragile system “society-environment” is the mail leitmotif of the Festival. From the beginning Green Vision is a member of Ecomove International. Six European environmental film festivals have united to form a network upon the initiative of the Royal Awards Foundation in order to promote a broader awareness of the environmental film medium. Ecomove - the festival of festivals - emerged from this initiative and on the 10th of May 2002 the association of Ecomove international was established.Since 2001 films submitted by “Green Vision” get prizes at Ecomove International in Berlin.
Documentary films not only inform people about environmental problems but also have very strong emotional impact on them, help to raise public awareness.


«GREEN VISION» &#40;Russia, St. Petersburg&#41;

«ALIVE DERSU’S PATH» (Kyzyl, Tyva Republic, Russia)

This Ecological Festival takes place once in two years in the city Kyzyl, TuvaRepublic.

The old hunter’s path winds through the earth, collects people and goes up high. This path is within us, and we belong to this path as well. People come out on the path themselves, but the path has already begun independently collect people who can follow it. Festival is only the outward side of this path. The value of «Alive Dersu’s path " is much higher - it is a way of preserving the earth and all that is on it.

e-mail: fond_dersu@mail.ru

tel: +7 (913) 341 89 10; +7 (39422) 2 28 36

«LIVE TRAIL DERSU» &#40;Russia, Republic of Tuva&#41;


The Baikal International Film Festival for documentary and popular science films “People and Environment", has been held in the Irkutsk region since 1999, and annually since 2007. In addition to the competition program, there are non-competitive screenings; the film festival’s opening screening, and a special viewing. Traditionally, the festival holds meetings and discussions with the authors of the films, workshops led by masters of documentary filmmaking, round table discussions and public events. Since the founding of “People and Environment”, over 500 films from 40 countries have appeared in the festival competition program.


«PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT»&nbsp;&nbsp;&#40;Irkutsk, Russia&#41;

«ECOCUP» (Russia and many others countries)

Festival ECOCUP introduces Russian viewers with foreign environmental films. Young directors, cameramen, writers, journalists simultaneously are included in the global environmental movement.

The aim of the festival is to show that environment’s protection is conscious choice. It’s an action that always brings results. All the films that participated in ECOCUPwere submitted in many internationalcompetitions,they were awarded and shown in movie theaters around the world. Environmental Film filmmakers do not just talk about the tragedy. Each of them offers a specific solution.


«ECOCUP» &#40;Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan&#41;

«GOLDEN TURTLE» (Moscow, Russia)

The Golden Turtle includes various creative competitions aimed at identifying the best works and projects demonstrating the beauty and harmony of wild nature. Festival wildlife «Golden Turtle» representing the best works submitted to the contest, as well as other projects aimed at preserving wildlife annually held in Moscow. After completion of the Moscow Festival of competition are sent to an exhibition tour in Russia and other countries.

The first wildlife photo contest "Golden Turtle" was held in 2006, and in 2010 officially became an international photo contest. For the first time works were adopted on the contest of wildlife films "Golden Turtle" in 2011.

Contests art design and visual arts of the wilderness will be held in 2013 for the first time.

In January and February 2013 Wildlife Festival "Golden Turtle" was held at the Central House of Artists in Moscow, which gathered more than 120,000 visitors.


«GOLDEN TURTLE» &#40;Moscow, Russia&#41;

«WATER-SEA-OCEANS» (Zbraslav, Czech Republic)

The International Film Festival (IFF) „Water, sea & the oceans“ is an competition festival of documentary films on a particular topic. Its objective is to present and award new films about the world of salt and fresh water, contributing to development of film reflecting the life in water environment and help to enlargement of ideas about environmental protection of water.


«WATER, SEA, AND THE OCEAN» &#40;Czech Republic&#41;

«SUNCHILD» (Erevan, Armenia)

The biennial event takes place since 2007 and is a joint effort of FPWC and its General Partner VivaCell-MTS. The 4th edition of SunChild Festival succeeded to reach out to thousands of people without increasing its ecological footprint. This has been possible because SunChild Festival for the first time utilized Armenian TV channels and Web TV as a venue for film screenings. Twelve international films dedicated to wildlife and environmental issues have been presented during the festival in a non-competitive program. 


«SUN CHILD FESTIVAL» &#40;Armenia&#41;


The first Wildlife Vaasa Festival in 2002 became to be a success with 79 films from 12 different countries that took part in the festival. A total of 2000 people visited the first festival in 2002 including the seminars, excursion and educational activities. In 2004 the festival included numerous film screenings, presentations from awarded nature filmmakers, forum discussions, night parties and an excursion in to the pristine wilderness of Kvarken Archipelago which that year has been nominated to UNESCO to become one of the World’s Heritage Areas. The 7th.

Wildlife Vaasa international nature film festival was arranged again in Vaasa in October 2014 and hosted 105 production companies which sent around 200 high-quality films from 47 countries.The festival hosted also special themes as: Water (incl.underwater films), Agriculture and Food safetu related themes. Additionally, the festival arranged also for sixth time a film competition for children and young people's film. Award-winning films that did not participate in the contest were also presented out of competition. Side events such as museum exhibitions, cultural and nature excursions, panel discussions, Children and Youth Day and a number ofevening events complemented this year's festival program. Wildlife Vaasa Festrival is organized every second year in Vaasa and is the only one of its kind in Scandinavia.



«RURAL FILM FESTIVAL» (Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona, Spain)

Rural FilmFest is an International Project related to cinema, ecology and the rural world hold throughout the year in the Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona in the province of Ciudad Real, Spain.

We face our third edition of Rural FilmFest with five clear objectives: promoting the ecology, the ecotourism, the sustainability and the final internationalization of the project.

During the previous two editions of Rural FilmFest, focus on the town of Fuencaliente, the project has followed a logical development, participation has grown in films presented (about 1,500 short documentary, fiction and
animation) and audience (about 2,000 people enjoyed all programming activities); in impact, national and international (over 90,000 reaches of the brand in all communication channels Project); in content, more days of
screenings and more sections (8 sessions in 5 days 4 spaces); filmmakers both state and foreign visitors (15 directors from different countries of origin).

The project is in its phase of settlement; therefore we believe that the best way for the Festival continues to grow is extended to the Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona, so being able to participate each and every one of its
inhabitants. Besides using the inertia of this great international event for the promotion and enhancement of the natural resources of this wonderful, historical and cultural heritage.

Following the success of last year, Rural FilmFest be consolidated an unmissable at the calendar of independent filmmaking activities at national and international level, thus becoming the "Mecca of Rural and Ecological
Film" worldwide. Being this a way to locate on the map at this amazing and wonderful territory achieving get more out all its enormous potential.

«RURAL FILMFEST» &#40;Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona, Spain&#41;

«MADEIRA FILM FESTIVAL» (Funchal, Madeira, Portugal)

The Madeira Film Festival is non – competitive. As opposed to awarding filmmakers a prize each delegate will receive the ‘Laurissilva Ambassador Award’ thus helping to create awareness and recognition of Madeira’s endemic forest. Thanks to the coveted locations and unique atmosphere, MFF has become the key annual film event on the island with the third edition concluding in April 2014 the odyssey continues yet the remit remains: To screen films whereby the predominate content venerates Madeira’s Laurissilva Forest. To inspire & nurture local talent. To challenge & stimulate the audience by virtue of audio – visual communication. Filmmakers personally present their work at the majestic Municipal Theatre in Funchal. The Madeira Film Festival has been privileged to screen such filmic repertoires such as Beasts Of The Southern Wild, The Hunt, The Hunter, Chasing Ice, Le Quattro Volte, Post Tenebras Lux amongst others plus musical concerts from The Kyle Eastwood Band, Maria de Medeiros, Escondido & Phamie Gow.


«Madeira Film Festival» &#40;Funchal, Madeira, Portugal&#41;

«Madeira Film Festival»

«GREEN WAVE – 21ST CENTURY» (Sofia, Bulgaria)

The International Environment Festival “Green Wave – 21st Century” is organized for the ninth year by the European Environment Festival Foundation with the support of the European Commission. This is the only forum of its kind in Bulgaria for films and tv programmes dedicated to ecology and environment protection.

The Festival aims to present contemporary environmental productions of film and television companies and independent producers from all over the world as well as to get the public acquainted with the crucial ecological risks and ways of coping with them with a helping hand from media and nongovernmental organizations.

The 10th edition of the International Environment Festival “Green Wave – 21st Century” will be organized in 2016.

web site:www.euroekofest.org
«GREEN WAVE – 21 ST CENTURY» &#40;Sophia, Bulgaria&#41;


The first edition of the Green Film Festival (Festvial du Film Vert) was held in Orbe in February 2006. Its purpose was to present a selection of films dealing with issues related to the environment, sustainable development and the North-South relations. After 3 years of activity with no real structure, the association Les Films Verts is created on 2 October 2008 in order to get a stronger organization. The tenth edition was held during the month of March 2015 in thirty different cities spread across the six French-speaking cantons of Switzerland, three in France and in Zurich (in German). Total attendance was about 7,000 spectators, a stable figure after steady increases in previous years.

The feedback from the audience and its stronger presence reinforce our motivation to develop every year a multi-sites festival programming quality films on current and emerging issues such as the food sovereignty of the South, GMO, energy issues, climate change, planned obsolescence, etc. The search for solutions to these challenges is increasingly focused by directors, and encouraged by the selection committee of the festival, in order to make our festival also a place where ideas of concrete actions can emerge.


Green Film Festival &#40;Festival du Film Vert&#41;



We are looking forward to meet you on International Ecological TV Festival “To Save and Preserve”!
International Ecological TV Festival “To Save and Preserve”

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