The list of participants

of the XXIII International Ecological TV Festival

"To Save and Preserve"

TV companies of the Russian Federation and independent authors:


1.               Abakan, ANO “Film Studio Khakasfilm”

2.               Abakan, State Committee for the Protection of Animals and the Environment of the Republic of Khakassia

3.               Astrakhan, State TV and Radio Company “Lotos”

4.               Belgorod, State TV and Radio Company “Belgorod”

5.               Berdsk, Children's Animation Studio “Watermelon”

6.               Biysk, “TV commercial company TV-KOM”

7.               Blagoveshchensk, State TV and Radio Company “Amur”

8.               Bryansk, State TV and Radio Company “Bryansk”

9.               Vladivostok, Primorsk children’s animation studio “ANIMAGIC”

10.           Vladikavkaz, State TV and Radio Company“Alania”

11.           Vladikavkaz, National TV Company “Ossetia-Iryston”

12.           Vladimir, Video Studio “Staircase”

13.           Vladimir, GTRK "Vladimir"

14.           Voronezh, State TV and Radio Company “Voronezh”

15.           Dzerzhinsky, Moscow Region, Mikhail Rodionov

16.           Ekaterinburg, Lvova Elena, Borisenko Irina

17.           Ekaterinburg, Studio “A-Film”

18.           Iskitim, "House of Culture" October "

19.           Kazan, Media Studio "Tasma"

20.           Kartaly, The editorial team of “Kartalinskaya Nov”

21.           Kerch, TV and Radio Company “Crimea-East”

22.           Kirov, State TV and Radio Company “Vyatka”

23.           Krasnoyarsk, “Andrei Grishakov Studio”

24.           Kyzyl, State TV and Radio Company “Tyva”

25.           Lysva, Video Studio “Quadrille”

26.           Magnitogorsk, The Computer Graphics, Animation and Cartoons Studio “COMPUTERIA”

27.           Maloye Verevo, Leningrad Region, “Verevskaya Secondary General Education School"

28.           Makhachkala, State TV and Radio Company "Dagestan"

29.           Megion, "Children's Art School"

30.           Megion, Animation Studio “Tayozhkina”

31.           Moscow, “Wildlands Production”

32.           Moscow, “Grig-film”

33.           Moscow, “Doc-Film”

34.           Moscow, "Under the sign of "Pi"

35.           Moscow, Children's animation studio "Animaslon"

36.           Moscow, Individual Entrepreneur Kruglov Leonid Leonidovich

37.           Moscow, Magdesyan Ivan

38.           Moscow, Melissa Malyarzhik

39.           Moscow, Novikova Anastasia

40.           Moscow, Tatyana Obozova

41.           Moscow, Polyakova Alena

42.           Moscow, Producer Center "4 formats"

43.           Moscow, Production Center “Youth Initiatives”

44.           Moscow, Rutkis Lia

45.           Moscow, Foundation for Support of Youth Initiatives "ERA"

46.           Moscow, Elena Etkina

47.           Nizhny Novgorod, State TV and Radio Company “Nizhny Novgorod”

48.           Novorossiysk, "Information resource center" Schoolchild-2"

49.           Novosibirsk, "Child and Youth Center “Old Mill "

50.           Novosibirsk, “Film Studio “Asia-Film”

51.           Novosibirsk, State TV and Radio Company “Novosibirsk”

52.           Novosibirsk, Kosenkov Alexander, Schubert Stanislav

53.           Novosibirsk, Animation Studio “Ryabinushka”

54.           Novosibirsk, Studio of Experimental Animation "Media"

55.           Novosibirsk, Creative Workshop "Sinitsa"

56.           ​​Novosibirsk, Center for Cinematography and Theater Arts "VitaBravo"

57.           Noyabrsk, Noyabrsk TV news agency "MIG"

58.           Nyagan, “Secondary General Education School № 3"

59.           Nyagan, “Secondary General Education School № 6 named after A.I. Gordienko "

60.           Omsk, “Omsk regional station of young technicians”

61.           Omsk, State TV and Radio Company "Irtysh"

62.           Omsk, Kozlov Timofey

63.           Orel, State TV and Radio Company “Orel”

64.           Pervouralsk, “Ural Media Holding”

65.           Pskov, State TV and Radio Company “Pskov”

66.           Pyt-Yah, Baksheev Mikhail

67.           Salekhard, State TV and Radio Company “Yamal”

68.           Samara, State TV and Radio Company “Samara”

69.           Samara, The Foundation for the development of children's cinema “Creation”

70.           St. Petersburg, Kalchenko Anton

71.           St. Petersburg, Film Studio "NEW COURSE"

72.           St. Petersburg, Studio “Fire Shot”

73.           Sevastopol, State TV and Radio Company “Sevastopol”

74.           Serpukhov, “Serpukhov information agency”

75.           Slantsy, Leningrad Region, “Slantsy Secondary General Education School No. 3”

76.           Smolensk, State Television and Radio Company “Smolensk”

77.           Solnechnogorsk, Children's film studio "Gift"

78.           Surgut, “TV studio +”

79.           Surgut, Batrakov Aleksey

80.           Surgut, Youth TV Studio "Racurs"

81.           Surgut, TV Channel “UGRA TRAVEL”

82.           Syktyvkar, State TV and Radio Company “Komi Gor”

83.           Tver, “Palace of children’s and youth’s creativity”

84.           Tver, State TV and Radio Company “Tver”

85.           Tyumen, State TV and Radio Company “Region-Tyumen”

86.           Tyumen, Koryakina Nina

87.           Tyumen, Kuratov Nikita

88.           Ufa, State TV and Radio Company “Bashkortostan”

89.           Khabarovsk, “Far Eastern Film Studio”

90.           Khabarovsk, State TV and Radio Company “Dalnevostochnaya”

91.           Khanty-Mansiysk, " Secondary General Education School with in-depth study of individual subjects №3"

92.           Chelyabinsk, Alekperova Yana

93.           Chelyabinsk, State Television and Radio Company “South Urals”

94.           Cherkessk, TV channel "Arkhyz 24"

95.           Elista, State TV and Radio Company “Kalmykia”

96.           Yugorsk, "Children's Art School of the City of Yugorsk"

97.           Yaroslavl, State TV and Radio Company "Yaroslavl"

98.           Yaroslavl, The Center for the animation creativity "Perspective"



Foreign TV companies and independent authors:


99.             Australia, Mareeba, Geoff Spanner – “Desert Wetlands: Pulse of the Outback” (director Geoff Spanner)

100.                      Austria, Hallein, Alexander Gratzer – “Apfelmus” (director Alexander Gratzer)

101.                     Argentina, Buenos Aires, Waldo Roman Martinez – “Being with the Other” (director Waldo Roman Martinez)

102.                     Armenia, Arutyunyan Anna

103.                     Armenia, Yerevan, Mane Baghdasaryan, Ararat Grigoryan – “The Seagull” (director Mane Baghdasaryan)

104.                     Armenia, Erevan, Ogannesyan Never

105.                     Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh Cinema & Television Institute – “KUKURER POTI…” (director Md.Ariful Islam)

106.                     Bangladesh, Dhaka, Md Zahirul Hassan – “Khunti (Road to Roots)” (director Md Zahirul Hassan)

107.                     Belarus, Gomel, "Vector Art"

108.                     Belarus, Minsk, “Second National TV Channel”

109.                     Belarus, Minsk, National Film Studio"Belarusfilm"

110.                     Belgium, Brussels, Cyrille Hermant - “The spirit of the hive” (director CHARLES DE VILLE) 

111.                      Brazil,Olinda, Jefferson William Moraes de Sousa – “Leonardo Bastião, the illiterate poet” (director Jefferson William Moraes de Sousa)

112.                     The United Kingdom of Great Britain,  Manchester, Adam Oliver – “Who moved my Penguin?” (director Adam Oliver)

113.                     Hungary, Budapest, Nikoletta Veress – “Deerdogs” (director Nikoletta Veress)

114.                     Ghana, Accra, Afotey Nii Odai -  “EARTH iPROMISE” (director Afotey Nii Odai)

115.                     Germany, Berlin, Ipek Sertöz – “Bedtime Stories for the Brave” (director Ipek Sertöz)

116.                     Germany, Hamburg, Doclights / NDR Naturfilm - “LOST KINGS OF BIOKO” (director Oliver Goetzl)

117.                     Germany, Leipzig, Uwe Müller – “Wild Germany - The Ore Mountains” (director Uwe Müller)

118.                     Germany, Mainz, Andreas Ewels – “WORLD WITHOUT INSECTS” (director Andreas Ewels)

119.                     Denmark, Copenhagen, “Other Story” – “Khaled” (directors Madeleine Kate McGowan, Kamil Dossar Franko)

120.                     Dominican Republic,  Santo Domingo,  MARVIN DEL CID – “Chasing the SNOT of the whales of Samana” (director MARVIN DEL CID)

121.                     Egypt, Alexandria, (ALEXINE Art Productions) Mohamed Mowafi -  “The Silent Bee”  (director Mohamed Mowafi)

122.                     Egypt,Cairo, SHADY NOOR –“ LIFE IS A BEACH” (director SHADY NOOR)

123.                     India, Bangalore, Meera Krishnamurthy – “A Flowering Tree” (director Meera Krishnamurthy)

124.                     India, Bangalore, Praful Kumar - «The End” (director Praful Kumar)

125.                     India, Guwahatti, Dr Satyakam Phukan “Kuli Calling” (director  Dr Satyakam Phukan)

126.                     India, Indore, Dr. Ashok Sharma – “Wanted Bride” (director Dr. Vipul Keerti Sharma)

127.                     India, Erode, Bharathi Kumarswamy - “CASTEISM STILL EXISTS” (director Bharathi Kumarswamy)

128.                     India, Kolkata, Kumar Chowdhury – “Every Drop Counts”  (director Kumar Chowdhury)

129.                     India, Kannur,  Saneesh Thomas - “The Cycle rickshaw” (director Saneesh Thomas)

130.                     India, Meerut, Navodit Mandal – “Candra-Sasa (Moon-Rabbit)” (director Navodit Mandal)

131.                     India, Mumbai, Sajeed A - “The Man Who Planted A Forest”

132.                      (director Sajeed A)

133.                     India, Pune, Sayantan Acharya “Geography Of Drought: Voices of Marathwada” (director Sayantan Acharya)

134.                     India, Thiruvananthapuram,  G. S. Unnikrishnan   Nair – “Grandma’s forest”, “Valley of the Goats” (director G. S. Unnikrishnan   Nair)

135.                     India, Thiruvananthapuram, ATMA BODH - “The Meaning of a Tree’’(director ATMA BODH)

136.                     Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Achmad Rezi Fahlevie - “ASU (PROKONTRA)”, “LETHEK” , “SIMBIOSIS” (director Achmad Rezi Fahlevie)

137.                     Iraq, Irbil, Jubrail Abubaker – “Butterfies die flying” (director Jubrail Abubaker)

138.                     Iran, Bushehr, Ali kargar – “The seashell” (director Ali kargar)

139.                     Iran, Karaj, Bahareh Einollahi – “Green And Blue” (director Bahareh Einollahi)

140.                     Iran, Nishabor, Abolfazl Tajik – “Fadisheh” (director Abolfazl Tajik)

141.                     Iran, Sanandaj, Leila Noroozi – “I am Esmat”  (director Leila Noroozi)

142.                     Iran, Sanandaj, Saman Hosseinpuor – “Slaughter” (directors Saman Hosseinpuor & Ako Zandkarimi)

143.                     Iran, Sanandaj, Hazhir As'adi - “Blows With The Wind” (director Hazhir As'adi)

144.                     Iran,Tehran, Yegane Moghaddam – “On the Cove” (director Yegane Moghaddam)

145.                     Iran,Tehran, Mohammad Ehsani – “Karun” (director Mohammad Ehsani) 

146.                     Iran,Tehran, Fatemeh Marzban – “I STAY”  (director Fatemeh Marzban)

147.                     Iran,Talesh, Reza Golchin – “The last eagle” (director Reza Golchin) 

148.                     Iran, Hashtpar, Arshia Zeinali  - “Karma” (director Arshia Zeinali)  

149.                     Ireland, Villas Sligo, Kevin McGloughlin- “Epoch” (director Kevin McGloughlin)

150.                     Spain, Valencia, “KUBO7ESTUDIO” – “Anti-Nature” (director Brenan Duarte)

151.                     Spain, Valencia, Felix Blume – “Curupira, creature of the woods” (director Felix Blume)

152.                     Spain, Leon, «WILDLIFE PRODUCTIONS» - “I´M THE BEST” (director Carlos Perez Romero)

153.                     Spain, Leioa «Doxa Producciones» - “Above 592 meters” (director MADDI BARBER)

154.                     Spain, Madrid, Mariola Olcina Alvarado – “Mares” (director Mariola Olcina ALVARADO)

155.                     Spain, Madrid, Pérez Romero Carlos – “Saliega´s lineage, the return of the iberian lynx” (director Javier Ortega Martínez)

156.                     Spain,Elche, “Cinema 4 Latas” – “Organic” (directorsJaume Quiles, Alberto Gutiérrez)

157.                     Italy, Bologna, Andrea Montuschi – “The Eternal Fight” (director Andrea Montuschi)

158.                     Italy, Val Grande, Carlo Prevosti – “The Mountaineer” (director Carlo Prevosti)

159.                     Italy, Lucca, Michael Gaddini – “SUMMIT - Spirit of Mountain” (director Michael Gaddini)

160.                     Italy, Monza, Riccardo Oggioni – “TOADS' SABBATH”, “CRUEL WINTER”, “The Gannetry of Bass Rock” (director Riccardo Oggioni)

161.                     Italy, Rome, “Morgana Production” – “Life by the landfill” (director Chiara Bellini)

162.                     Kazakhstan, Almaty, Nagaeva Olga

163.                     Kazakhstan, Astana, Oleg Belyalov, NamoR McKenzie – “Homeland of tulips” (director Oleg Belyalov)

164.                     Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Yury Korobeynikov

165.                     Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Vladislav Luhmanov

166.                     Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Lukhmanov Danil

167.                     Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Lukhmanova Anastasia, Korobeynikova Elena

168.                     Kazakhstan, Shymkent, "Palace of Schoolchildren"

169.                     Canada, Brampton, Hailey Sonntag – “Wild Temagami” (director Hailey Sonntag)

170.                     Canada, Toronto, Nika Belianina – “The River of the Kukamas” (director Nika Belianina)

171.                     China,  Beijing, Xin Song “A Life Of Queuing” (director Xin Song) 

172.                     China,  Beijing, Lulu Zheng, Weina Kong – “Mointal Ranger” (director Ansiqi Li)

173.                     Colombia, Armenia, Alejandra Cardona – “Kintsugi” (director Alejandra Cardona)

174.                     Congo (DRC), Butembo, Tresor Saliboko – “Problems of water access in Goma-DRC” (director Tresor Saliboko)

175.                     South Korea, Seoul, Panda Media – “Change of Nature” (director Samuel Lorca)

176.                     South Korea, Seoul, Chloe SB Kim -“The Artificial Island”  (director Chloe SB Kim)

177.                     South Korea, Seoul, Finn Harvor – “Sois certain...”, “Hyper-development”, “End of Summer”, “Cat Tunnel, Cat Bridge”, “Between Towers and Trees”, “Misasa”, “Greening Korea”, “From the Beach to Seoul”, “Seoulography: Air Con versus Air Green”,  “Three Rains”, “This World Breathes”, “This World, Built of What?” (director Finn Harvor)

178.                     Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Kyrgyz-Turkish University "Manas"

179.                     Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Stambulbek Mambetaliev

180.                     Latvia,Riga, Frederic Eger   “Enemies From Within” (director Frederic Eger)

181.                     Marocco, Tanger, Mohamed Rida Gueznai - “The old man and the mountain” (director Mohamed Rida Gueznai)

182.                     Mexico Veracruz, Rosa Galguera, Jorge Bolado, Miguel Labastida - “Arthropodium (director Jorge Bolado, Miguel Labastida) 

183.                     Mexico, Zapopan, Paul Gómez López - White Lobster” (director Paul Gómez López)

184.                     Moldova, Chișinău, Dumitru Grosei - “THE RETURN” (director  Dumitru Grosei)

185.                     Nepal, Kathmandu, Niranjan Raj Bhetwal - “Smoke through a spider web” (director Niranjan Raj Bhetwal 

186.                     Netherlands, Berkenwoude, Edwin Haighton – “Kiteboarding in the Netherlands” (director Edwin Haighton)

187.                     Netherlands, Zeewolde, Tim Weigerde – “A Reef by Night and Day” (director Tim Weigerde)

188.                     Palestine, Ramallah,  Khamis Hassan Almasry - “The Swear” (director Khamis Hassan Almasry)

189.                     Peru, Lima, “SIERRA SUR AUDIOVISUAL EIRL” -  “DAUGHTERS OF NANTU” (director Willy Guevara)

190.                     Portugal,Porto,  “Fronteria Films Lda” - “Late afternoon in Alentejo” (director Carlos Ruiz)

191.                     Serbia, Belgrade, Ilija Dimitrijević - “2121” (director Ilija Dimitrijević)

192.                     Serbia, Novy Sad, Ruža Helać - “Into the future without water!”, “Serbia - Mortgages On The Rivers”, “Krcedin Holm - Over There Where Time Stopped” (director Ruža Helać)

193.                     The USA, Anaheim, Catherine Fairbanks, James William – “The Waterfall” (director James William)

194.                     The USA, Lamar, Jack Truman-   “The Acceptable Sin”(director Jack Truman)

195.                     The USA, Milwaukee, Colin Sytsma - “Stolen Apes”(director Colin Sytsma)

196.                     The USA, New York, Iara Lee – “Burkinabe Bounty: agroecology in Burkina Faso” (director Iara Lee)

197.                     Taiwan, Taipei, Nicholas Vaky - “Oh, the Places You'll Ash” (director Nicholas Vaky)

198.                     Thailand, Nakhon Pathom,  Alan Marshall - “The Literary Method of Urban Design” (director Alan Marshall)

199.                     Tanzania,Dar es Salaam, Richard Magumba - “FAHARI YETU "Zanzibar Saves Its Sea"(director Richard Magumba)

200.                     Turkey, Ankara, Pelin Asal - "Kindness Will Save the World" (director Pelin Asal)

201.                     Turkey, Denizli, Baraka Films” - Buldan”, “Labor (Emek)”  (director Çağdaş Yenidede)

202.                     Turkey, Izmir, Özgür Fırat  Kınay - “The   Smell Of Wicker “A Dream In Reed Roots” (director Özgür Fırat  Kınay)

203.                     Turkey, Istambul, Nurdan Tekeoglu -“Time To Leave”  (director OrhanTekeoglu)

204.                     Turkey, Aegean Region, Vuslat Kirkar - “Olive” (director Vuslat Kirkar)

205.                     Ukraine, Kiev, Nazar Germanov Nazar Germanov - “Different Threads of Fate” (director Nazar Germanov)

206.                     Finland, Espoo, Mika Koskinen - Terra Fame - the land of mine” (director Mika Koskinen)

207.                     France, Brest, Maëva LE HIR - “Water Closed”  (director Maëva LE HIR)

208.                     France, Lezay, Marine Belmonte - “Phantasmagoria” (director Marine Belmonte)

209.                     France, Paris, Gaetan Trigot – “Thumbelina&The Ogre” (director Cecile Robineau), “Empty Spaces” (director Gregorie De Bernouis)

210.                     France, Paris, Jacques Lœuille  - “Threats in the northern seas” (director Jacques Lœuille

211.                     France, Paris, Christophe Audeguis - “Tara, The Archipelago Of Kings” (director Pierre de Parscau)

212.                     France, La Montagne, Alexis Morisson -“Hypoxia”(director Alexis Morisson)

213.                     Croatia, Zagreb, Matija Mateš – “Journey into silence”(director Matija Mateš)

214.                     Chile, Santiago, Joonhee Myung – “Interludes” (director Joonhee Myung)

215.                     Chile, Santiago, Franco Sellés – “Be Water” (director Franco Sellés)

216.                     Switzerland, Luzern, “Cinéma Copain ltd.” - “Circuit” (director Delia Hess)

217.                     Sweden, Stockholm, Mattias Löw - “Spruce Woods”, “The Tao Of Cat” (directors Mattias Löw, Reshma Mansuri Löw)

218.                     Sweden, Stockholm, Sebastian Ramn - “Nature needs help”(director Sebastian Ramn)

219.                     Sweden, Uppsala, “Azara Film / Wild Tales Productions” -  “The White Reindeer” (director Zoltan Török)

220.                     Ecuador, Quito, Marcos Bermúdez - “Clara”(director Marcos Bermúdez)

221.                     Japan, Kyoto, Arata Shigeno -  “Welcome To Tsunami Village” (director Arata Shigeno)  



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International Ecological TV Festival “To Save and Preserve”

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